Mixing it Up
By Chris Astrala


This month with our music theme we wanted to introduce you to some of the new and veteran local DJ talent who are spinning at a club near you. They promise to get your feet tapping and fingers snapping to their beats. So check out their web pages and take a night out to dance as if no one is watching; because these guys will make you do just that.

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”
– Maya Angelou



Anthony Araiza, aka AIMLO

AIMLO, real name Anthony Araiza, is a DJ and producer, born and bred in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. Since discovering his skill for Djing almost 15 years ago, he has built a reputation in the Coachella Valley as a DJ with a unique style that resonates with all types of partygoers, an ability to work any crowd in any setting, and an eclectic music collection that never disappoints. AIMLO has played numerous Coachella Valley venues, as well as venues in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA. and has long been a Coachella Valley favorite, and his first full-length album is set to debut later this year.


What are your go-to songs that are sure to get people on the dance floor?

I play a lot of multi-genre parties so there are a lot of songs going through my head. Aside from the classics, there are three songs that I love to play right now that really get people moving.

  • “Lady (Kaytranada Remix)” by Modjo
  • “When A Fire Starts to Burn” by Disclosure
  • “64 Ways (Kraak & Smaak Remix)” by Detroit Swindle feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Speaking of the dance floor, what gets you out there?

Oh my! This is a really hard question because I love so many styles of music. I go through phases with music, and the seasons really dictate the mood I’m in. At the moment I’m really into house and techno. Again I’ll give three that really stand out for me right now.

  • “Advancing Man (Danse Club Remix)” by Groove Armada & Brodanse feat. Kevin Knapp
  • “Tell You Why” by Route 94
  • “Midland” by Trace

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

I can never see myself not being a DJ. Not to sound cheesy, or cliché, but it is in my DNA at this point. I got my first set of turntables when I was 14 and I was making cassette mix-tapes for years before that. It has become such a huge part of my life especially since the DJ world has gone digital. I am searching for new music daily. Even if the gigs went away I know I would still be seeking out new music, and mixing in my bedroom. But if I really think about it I would be an astronaut or a middle school teacher.





Annie Flores aka Femme-A

I’ve been very drawn to music for as long as I can remember, I love the way it sounds and the way it makes me feel.  I grew up listening to LA radio stations anything from Oldies to R&B, Hip Hop and Pop.  After High School I was introduced to Electronica Dance Music and then New Wave/ 80’s.  One of the first regular dance clubs I attended ritually played Electro, 80’s and Show tunes so it was very eclectic, I loved the place but I also came out during that time period and met my very first girlfriend there.  Some of that music along with all the other Artists I grew up listening to have inspired me to this day.  One of the main reasons I moved back to The Coachella Valley in 2011 was to pursue DJ’n and to gig around town.  I have a lot of LGBT friends here in the valley so I felt comfortable here but at the same time I wanted to try to bring the music that inspired me to town.

I started my first gigs with Boudoir Entertainment (a lesbian event based group).  Since then I’ve worked private parties, weddings, local bars & clubs here in town.  I love every single gig I do, I get nervous sometimes while I perform but I’m so passionate about the music that I just want to learn more and continue to get better and better at the skill aspect of mixing and beat matching.  I do different types of events gay and straight for all types of people and crowds.  My all time favorite sets to are multi genre, (i.e. Hip Hop, Top 40, & EDM) but currently I love Trap music.


What are your go-to songs that are sure to get people on the dance floor?

My go to songs to get people on the dance floor are…  happy songs or Latin music always works – Danza Kuduro by Don Omar is one good one, Michael Jackson PYT, Push it by Salt N Pepa, and for EDM lovers anything with a good drop and a lot of bass.  (Derro – Flashlight)

Speaking of the dance floor, what gets you out there?

What gets me on the dance floor is any good Electro House song with good synthesizers and good bass or certain Hip Hop tracks but nothing too Pop.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a “DJ” I’d still definitely still be into something artistic.  I just took a photography class as an elective recently and that was fun and creative, maybe something in that area or a graphic designer.

You can hear my latest mix on Mixcloud & Soundcloud




Ivanna Love

Palm Springs native female DJ, Ivanna Love also known as Cici, is one unique music-loving individual. The “Love” in her name represents her love for the music & life. Her love for music started way back when she was just a toddler, bouncing to the mysterious sounds coming from speakers. It has only escalated later in life to her pursuing a musical career. Music is understood in any language breaking down any barrier, the music she provides unites everyone with feel good sounds. Let her good vibes take you on a musical journey and groove with Ivanna LOVE <3

What are your go-to songs that are sure to get people on the dance floor?

My go-to song that I know gets people to dance is:

Show me love- Robyn S. (Remixed by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke) It’s a well-known old school song with modern beats that attracts any person whether they’ve heard the original song or this remixed version.

Once that song has caught your ears then I continue that House music vibe that makes you groove along with what I continue to play.

Speaking of the dance floor, what gets you out there?

I love to dance, so I enjoy any feel good music that just keeps me moving, grooving happily.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

I would love to become an acupuncturist! I admire and respect that form of ancient medicine.


Facebook music page: Ivanna Love

Twitter: IvannaLov3


Mixtress Victoria

Dj Mixtress Victoria or as many of her friends fondly call her “Mixie”, moved to Palm Springs over 18 years ago. She immediately fell in love with the city and the people. She is a professional DJ. And this year marks her 25th anniversary spinning. DJing has allowed her to travel all over including Europe. But she still comes home and makes her main living here. She has worked for the most successful clubs in the city. In 2007 she decided to open her own nightclub called “Mixie’s”. It was located right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Unfortunately due to the economy and the strict city restrictions she had to close her business. Today she still is a very popular DJ spinning at clubs and special events. Her music is based in tribal rhythms mixing with trancelike vocals. Always searching for the newest dance music makes her a wanted DJ for any dance floor. She has the knack for feeling out the dance floor and playing for the crowd. Her motto: “The Floor Comes First!”

What are your go-to songs that are sure to get people on the dance floor?

Well it depends on the gig. But, one is Akon & Michael Jackson’s – Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ – (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)

Speaking of the dance floor, what gets you out there?

A good Dj! And hard tribal beats!

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a Dj I probably would be in an Extreme Alternative Band!

Contact info:


DJ Mixtress Victoria Page Facebook

760) 641-0658