Not Coming Down
Tony Moran and Martha Wash – Their Newest Collaboration Soars up The Dance Charts
By Shawn Larson


It has been seven years since dance powerhouses Tony Moran and Martha Wash have collaborated on a club track. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tony Moran is the two-time Grammy nominated DJ and producer, best known for his work with pop artists like Rihanna, Gloria Estefan, Cher, Kristine W and countless others. He has also released major indie dance hits like “Cafe Con Alegria” and “The Promise”.

Martha Wash is one of the original Weather Girls whose hit song “It’s Raining Men” is a Pride staple. Her nineties track “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” and “Strike It Up” still play on dance floors and R&B radio today. Moran and Wash’s last collaboration, 2007’s “Keep Your Body Workin”, rose all the way to #1 on the Billboard dance chart. Their new collaboration, “Not Coming Down” is now following along the same path. Can these two dynamos of dance do it again?

We spoke with Tony Moran and Martha Wash after their recent show together in Palm Springs.

It’s so nice to see you working with Martha Wash again!

Tony Moran: Martha and I have been long time friends and collaborators.

Do you remember first meeting Tony Moran?

Martha Wash: It was so many years ago! I really don’t remember the exact time. We would often see each other back then in passing, at shows we were both performing.

Your first collaboration was on “Keep Your Body Workin”.

Tony Moran: Seven years ago! Time flies! You know the song was #1 at the end of 2007 and stayed at #1 for the first week of 2008. That was pretty awesome!

Why did it take so long for you two to come together again?

Martha Wash: Our schedules were always in conflict.

Tony Moran: We have done other things in the studio that we never quite finished.

What made “I’m Not Coming Down” different?

Tony Moran: From the beginning, I could really see the personal attachment Martha had to the song. She co-wrote it and it clearly shows that she is the master of her destiny.   I knew I had to remix it.

Martha, you wrote “I’m Not Coming Down”?

Martha Wash: I wrote it in collaboration with Jim Carolan and Brandy Anderson. I wrote a few other songs on my new album including “Destiny” with Zach Adam.

What is the song’s message?

Martha Wash: Always keep your head up and believe that the higher power is looking out for your good. You have to believe.

How has the club scene changed since the release of “Keep Your Body Workin”?

Tony Moran: It has changed considerably. Dance music has separated into multi sub genres. People have expanded their ideas on what a party experience can be.

Tony, you began your career back in the freestyle days of 1981.   Do you think freestyle will ever come back?

Tony Moran: Yes. It will evolve, but the vibe that gave it that unique flavor will remain. I occasionally do some freestyle performances. I was surprised when 8,000 people showed up at the last one in Atlantic City.

Do you keep in touch with TKA, Sa-Fire, the Cover Girls or Lisette Melendez?

Tony Moran: Yes! All of them look and are doing great. The songs that they recorded have all become cult classics and they all continue to tour together, playing for huge crowds. They still have their moves and guess what? So do I!

How have you two managed to persevere in the ever-changing music biz for so long?

Martha Wash: We don’t force ourselves to change. We simply go with it.

What’s next?

Tony Moran: I just completed a new song with house music legend Todd Terry. I sing in it! It’s called “Take It All The Way”. Remixes are finished so you’ll hear it soon.

Martha Wash: I’m promoting my record and enjoying my summer with lots of fun and positivity!

Check out Martha’s music video for “I’M NOT COMING DOWN”