“The Creative Timothy Kroe”

Timothy Kroe’s art, although possessing different subject matters that range from the human form, to deep forests, (and some creatures between) all hold a stark contrast between the light and darkness. There are flecks of gold, an iridescent color that only reflects when light catches it, making each piece come alive throughout the day. Pearlescent ivory gleams like moonbeams, and other colors shimmer in interference that the digital or printed medium cannot possibly replicate. The commonalities of each of his paintings are greater than their differences.

Currently he’s working on a dreamy series of forests: “The Forest Dreaming of Me, or am I Dreaming the Forest?” pictured here. It is a slight departure, the darkness in his “Deep Forests” work being replaced with light foggy airs, although both have a quality of “otherworldliness.” Thick paint applied with a palette knife often replaces the brush, giving his pieces a texture that fully grounds the work. A self-taught artist, Timothy graduated from Antioch University with a Bachelor of Arts with a focus of Archetypal Imagery, “the meat and potatoes” of his work he often says.

Having spent a few years in Seattle, Washington, (which he credits for his love of deep forests) he moved to Palm Springs, California in 2000, following his dreams of the desert. Those dreams can be reflected in his “Desert Landscapes” illustrated by his exploration of the Joshua Tree National Park, “a place everyone should see and experience” he says.

Timothy has shown throughout the West coast, having exhibits in Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland Oregon with pieces in Los Angeles, San Diego along with many shows in Palm Springs, and with global clients as far afield as Australia. He has a deep spiritual connection to his work, saying: “Painting is my church, it’s where I connect with the Divine.” His “Sacred Visions,” the title of his early pieces, includes a conscious of human kind’s connection to the Earth, and how we act as the caretakers of it.

As an exceptional creative he can also be found writing and currently has three un-published novels completed. Timothy acknowledges that there is a hint of escapism to his creativity and has exciting larger things planned for the future – watch this space! You can connect with him on Facebook: Timothy Kroe, or via his website: www.artoftimothykroe.com