2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we say the same things, “Where has the year gone?” “Is it that time already?” “I have no idea what to get him/her/them.” Well it IS that time again and if you are starting to wonder what to get those certain special people in your life, we might be able to help. The Standard Magazine Holiday Gift Guide will perhaps give you some ideas with unique and fun items. You will find gifts from the extravagant to the more modest to give and if you are nice or even naughty, maybe receive. So fear not my fellow procrastinators we are here to help. So shop away and don’t forget to get a little something to put in your stocking as well.


Light My Fire

Modern in every sense of the word, Irradia is Nu-Flame’s most popular tabletop fireplace. A brushed stainless steel burner floats between two tempered glass panels making the fire visible from every angle. Irradia tabletop bio-fireplace may be used indoors or out. www.nu-flame.com

Looking for a signal?

Have cuff links, will hotspot. More than just a decorative accent to business attire, these hi-tech accessories deliver a pop of cutting-edge connectivity to any mobile office. These WiFi Hotspot cuff links are just the thing to keep you connect. www.redenvelope.com


Shag The Store

Set of 12 Unframed Serigraph Prints & Recipe Book (in a boxed set)
Each of the 12 Prints is 11″ x 14″ comes with “Cocktail Compendium” 36 page booklet that features recipes for each of the prints. Keep and frame a few prints for yourself and give the others as gifts. Limited to 200 Sets. Shag The Store www.shagthestore.com


The Michael Weems Collection

Classic Mid Century Modern furniture is the inspiration for this collection on porcelain trays. Eames, Nelson, Jere, Van der Rohe and Bertoia, are some of the design stars we celebrate in this collection. Perfect for that holiday cocktail party, everyday dining or as a collection on the wall. The Michael Weems Collection. www.michaelandrigo.com


Destination PSP

Palm Springs Desert Modern Oasis Diamond Coffee Mug 2013 is the Diamond Anniversary of Palm Springs!   75 years of fabulousness! Each much comes individually boxed in a special presentation gift box. Destination PSP. www.destinationpsp.com


Hephaestus Jewelers

These essential men’s bracelets are substantial in weight and versatile in style. Equally at home with a pair of your favorite jeans or your best power suit and tie. www.hephaestusjewelry.com


Always in “Stile”

The finest graphic fabric we have ever seen.  High quality cotton sateen printed with a trippy and colorful pattern reminiscent of Vasarely.  Smartly tailored details include a hidden button-down collar.  A modern slim fit with chest seams; no back darts.  100% cotton. Wil Stiles. www.wilstiles.com


The POP Shop

A gift doesn’t have to be new it just has to be from you, shop POP this holiday season. POP Shop. www.facebook.com/ThePopShop92264


Hydrate Like a Superhero.

Get hydrated and stay hydrated with KOR’s selection of durable, ergonomic BPA-free water bottles, Iron Man’s Water Bottle. Whether you’re looking for an attractive, large capacity bottle like the KOR ONE, or a smart integrated filtration bottle like the KOR Nava, these bottles and filters are the perfect way to boost your health while helping out the environment. www.korwater.com


Speakers for the Senses

The BlackDiamond Plus portable speaker takes you on a sensory journey by combining powerful audio capabilities with customizable visual effects using vibrant LED lights that offer a full spectrum of up to 16,000,000 colors that move with the music. This portable, lightweight speaker also has numerous modes to fit any lifestyle. www.yantouch.com


Time will Tell

It’s about time someone delivered an unconventional answer to age-old wrist candy. Jord Watches are designed to take people back to nature and away from today’s metal and rubber. They want to challenge the norm by making unique timepieces as a focal point for everyday fashion. www.woodwatches.com




No matter your beliefs, the 2015 Homoerotic Orthodox Calendar, will have you on your knees giving thanks for these Sexy Priests. The calendar, now in its third year, takes a stand against homophobia in the church and this year’s theme pays tribute to social tolerance. www.orthodox-calendar.com


Drink Up

Crafted by the best Czech glassmakers and technicians, BOMMA uses its own modern production facilities, allowing for classic handcrafted products to co-exist with sophisticated glass cutting technologies. www.bomma.cz


Plucking Light


Peter Holm hit gold when he created the world’s first smart LED guitar pick, the Firefly. These pint-sized miracles create a custom, rhythmic light show as you strum your guitar. Responding to both hand and plucking motions for maximum lighting impact. www.fireflypick.com




No CellBlock13 collection would be complete without the Blindside Jersey. This Rugby inspired durable top is made out of 100% high quality Polyester. The custom athletic number 13 embroidered on the back with the vinyl transfer of the word “Cellblock” across the shoulders. Gear Leather www.gearleather.com




The Gift of Grape


Give the gift that keeps on giving – give your favorite wine lover a wine club membership.  Four times a year, Tulip Mania Wine Club members will receive a box of four different bottles, hand-picked based on the newest releases and quality.  This will allow the receiver to try new, exceptional bottles every quarter, including exclusive releases from Tulip Hill. www.tuliphillwinery.com



One Stop Shop

Great gift ideas, handcrafted by local artists and designers, at CO+OP Palm Springs II at blink space in the Uptown Design District. Wednesday-Saturday, 12-5pm, now through December 27th, at 1414 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs. www.facebook.com/blinkpalmsprings

Safe and Sound

The Einstein of locks, Goji takes a picture of visitors and sends them to your smartphone, keeps a log of all lock activity and you can even set specific dates and times and send the access details to visitors – so there’s no more need to meet up to give spare keys to guests. www.gojiaccess.com




Music To Your Ears

One of the coolest music tech gadgets out there and at an affordable price, ION’s iLP Digital Conversion Turntable converts your favorite classics into an mp3 format that can be plugged into the computer via USB cable or even sent directly to your iPod or iPad. www.ionaudio.com


Hone your Knife Skills

Forged from a single piece of stainless steel, Stelton’s Pure Black knives have an ultra-modern shape and look. Adding to the sleekness of the knife is its unique matte black coating that also gives it grip. www.stelton.com



Old School Photography

Photographs lost a certain charm when we started relying on our phones to capture everyday moments — more than ever before we snap pics and forget about them on the spot. This modernized polaroid camera can be used with all the ease of a mobile phone, but prints a tangible copy of everything you shoot in less than a minute. www.polaroid.com





Where did I leave my Keys?


Afraid of losing your keys? Your bag? For the person who is always misplacing something. Attach a Bluetooth-enabled “Tile” to any easy-to-lose object, install the “Tile” app on your iPhone or iPad and viola! By the miracle of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology the object is now tractable via app. www.thetileapp.com



Project it

Connect this sleek, small, portable “pocket projector” to smartphones, tablets, computers, DVD players, games consoles, digital cameras and more to big-screen any digital media at the push of a button. HDMI cable comes included; iOS devices require an AV adapter cable. www.brookstone.com



How about a Brewski

For the beer connoisseur, who has everything, a gift of hard-to-find micro-brewed beers delivered to their door each month. Gift memberships can be paid either monthly or in one installment, and they’re available in 2-12-month packages. www.beermonthclub


Figg Studios


Fitting into any décor, these planters are the latest for those on your list with a green thumb. Man-made, all one of a kind. Figg Studios www.figgstudios.com



I’ll Drink to That

Based on the innovative concept of cooling wine at the very moment it’s served, this Instant Red Wine chiller cools the wine itself instead of the bottle. So you serve the wine at optimum temperature. The cooling process takes place as the wine passes through the chiller and maintains the wine’s characteristics and never alters the taste. www.uncommongoods.com



Get a Head Start on that New Year Resolution

A better fitness routine, now within reach; The Fitbit Flex can track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and more. This model also tracks how long and well you sleep, as well. www.fitbit.com


A Party in Your Mouth


On its own, your tongue can only distinguish five tastes; it works with the nose, which can distinguish hundreds of smells, to produce flavor. This kit lets you make weird and wonderful flavor combinations by dosing your nose with smells while you eat from the scent-releasing Aromaforks. Your food will never taste the same again. www.firebox.com



Scent of a Man


Conveying the ideals of the John Varvatos lifestyle, the John Varvatos fragrance collection exudes confidence, elegance, and masculinity with the perfect touch of softness and ease to create a sense of intimacy. www.sephora.com


A Place for everything and everything in its Place

The ultimate organizer! The GRID-IT!® system provides endless configurations for your digital devices and personal effects. Convenient sizes make it a great companion for your current laptop bag or travel case. www.cocooninnovations.com



Not your typical C-ring


Esculpta is a unique men’s accessory label that blends the most ancient desires of man, with finesse, playfulness and sensual intimacy. Esculpta’s stunning jewelry range includes silver men’s bracelets, men’s silver necklaces, sculpture pendants and men’s silver cockrings.