Art In The Park In The Dark

By Shann Carr

Lasers and flaggers and bikes, oh my!

The first-ever Art in the Park in the Dark will take place from 6 to 10 p.m., Saturday, April 15, at Demuth Park, on Mesquite Avenue between the Pickleball courts and the playground.

The event is part of World Art Day, in honor of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. Art in the Park in the Dark is the 6-10 p.m. portion of the World Art Day Festival, taking place at Demuth Park with lots of hands-on arts activities from 3 to 6 p.m., produced by the City of Palm Springs Parks and Recreation Department. The evening portion will be filled with lasers, lighted bikes, flaggers, interactive glow art and live painting. It is also very hands-on.

“This started a few months ago when I applied for the Art Is Everywhere Neighborhood Grant from the PS Arts Commission to get some picnic tables painted in my park,” said Shann Carr, who is producing Art in the Park in the Dark, with support from the City of Palm Springs. “When I got the grant, I wanted to make a fuss about revealing the artists’ painted tables by making a gallery reveal in the park, at night, staged artistically with my solar gadgets! Now artists and neighbors keep tossing their hat into the ring to participate by looking at the art they already do and bringing in light, black light and glow. Fun!”

The entire day of events is FREE and appropriate for all ages.

Art In The Park In The Dark activities from 6 to 10 p.m. will include:

Laser Wonderland – Throughout the darkest hours, world renowned Laseronics artist, Kyle Garner will project a series of intimate laser shows that will spark the night with excitement.

Lighted  Bike Parade And Contest – All ages are invited to join an illuminated bike-parade through the park and get a little help lighting their bikes at a “Maker Booth” hosted by valley cyclists.

Night Gallery Art Walk – The park’s permanent art works, the freshly painted tables and benches, local artists’ pop-up booths, light installations, creatively solar-lit booths, vendors and live performances by flaggers spinning UV reactive fabrics will make up the Night Gallery Art Walk.

Be The Light – The events are at the remarkably dark end of the park between the pickleball courts and the playground, so we beckon guests to bring a blacklight flashlight for maximum fun and to see all the UV art. Wear a black or white T-shirt and become a walking canvas for artistic creations.

Light Installations – Artists, groups, neighbors and galleries are invited to make light-based, temporary installations to add to the fun. Volunteers will help you hang your light art  gently on the limbs of the trees around the grounds as long as you do no damage.

See In The Dark – 300 attendees will get a free, small, blacklight flashlight to see all the hidden treasures of art and nature nestled in the park. Flashlights of all kinds are encouraged.

All Day Tunes – DJ Galaxy will thread the daytime and night events together with feel-good music from 3-10 p.m. as community groups fill the day stage with live performances. After all the music, the soundtrack of the night’s closing laser show will be a beautiful, crystal bowls sound bath!

The first sponsors to jump-up to support the event are Hot Purple Energy, Renova and the Coachella Valley Independent, bringing together the art and solar themes of the event perfectly. April 15th also happens to be the day that Californians buying solar, will step into the “Net Metering 3” arrangement with the utility companies.

“I’m a fanatic for solar lights. I live right by the airport, and I sometimes worry a plane might mistake my back yard as the landing strip,“ said Carr.

For information about participating and attending, check out the Facebook event page “Art In The Park In The Dark & World Art Day Festival.” We’d love some more sponsors, and booths participating too!

Contact Shann Carr at or Krystalyn Pacquette at Demuth Community Center 760-320-6430