By John Stein

“Everything”, the debut single from the gender-bending Queer artist ALONE, pays homage to the shiny, brassy days of Motown while also serving as an affirming ode to the Transgender community. “I want my siblings to know that they are blessed, loved and perfect just the way they are,” says the artist who’s own lewk blends disco-rock camp fierceness with svelte Hollywood glamour silhouettes.  ALONE wrote, composed, and arranged the soulful RnB Pop track, and topped “Everything” off with soaring falsetto vocals brimming with joy fitting for a true anthem.  “It is meant to be a bright and feel-good reminder that you already have everything you need to be happy and thrive,” he explains. We spoke with ALONE from his Manhattan home.

The video for “Everything” is spectacular!  What did you have to do to prepare for the shoot?

ALONE:  Oh my God, as the producer, director, stylist, art director, casting director and performer, I had so much to prepare but thankfully I also had enough amazing, generous, and talented people around me to help bring it all together.

The video has an all Trans and Gender Non-Conforming cast. 

ALONE:  They are all people I love, admire and respect very much. They inspire me with their beauty, talent, courage, and resilience. They all deserve to be celebrated and shine. I wanted Trans and Queer kids out there to see that they have a future and that there are others like them living in their truth and thriving.

It is an important message for Trans and non-binary youth to hear!

ALONE:  With so many voices around telling them that who they are is wrong or bad, I wanted to put a voice out there that lets them know they don’t need to conform to any label or external factors for validation. Who they are is a blessing.

I love the lyric, “Opulence is a state of mind”.  What is an example of something small that makes you feel grand?

ALONE:  Riding my bike to the beach and diving into the ocean.

Yass!  I love the Sylvester reference in the song.  Why is Sylvester someone all LGBTQ+ youth should know?

ALONE:  Sylvester was an icon: a Queer icon, a style icon, a music icon. He represents a peak in the development of Queer culture, reached just before the onset of the AIDS pandemic that wiped out so many of our brilliant fore parents. Sylvester is Queer history and Black history and should be known for their contribution to Queer representation in the music industry.

What superhero do you most identify with?

ALONE:  Grace Jones — I identify more with real people doing extraordinary things while inspiring others to be extraordinary themselves. She dared push the boundaries of gender, fashion and art while always appearing strong and in control. Her image always came off as superhuman to me. She is also aging so gracefully which is definitely a superpower these days.

What makes you smile?

ALONE:  Looking at my dog, Jazz, as he runs free at the park. He’s a rescue and has saved me just as much as I saved him. Seeing him feeling happy and safe fills me with joy and gratitude.

What makes you angry?

ALONE:  Dishonesty. I can handle any truth but lies insult my intelligence.

Can we do some fun questions?

ALONE:  Of course!

Your house is on fire. What one possession would you save?

ALONE:  My father’s high school bible.  He died at war when I was three years old and having an item that he carried with him for so long helps me to connect with his memory.

Sweet!  What is the most beloved item in your boudoir?   (Don’t you just love the word boudoir?)

ALONE:   Love it! My black and gold Prince tambourine that I got at his “Welcome 2 America” tour at Madison Square Garden. Prince is one of my greatest inspirations and I love playing the tambourine.

You can travel back in time. Where would you go, and what would you get up to?

ALONE:  1980, Paradise Garage! I would dance my ass off and get schooled. That was the cradle of dance club culture as we know it.

You’ve been given 24 hours to live. How do you spend your last day?

ALONE:  With all my friends over, playing a vinyl DJ set they will remember for the rest of their lives.

ALONE’s “Everything” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms. Visit his website and follow ALONE on Instagram @ TogethALONE.