In these difficult and uncharted times, AAP – Food Samaritans’ focus on supplying nutritional support, as it has been for the last 30 years, is of #1 importance to us.

Although these unprecedented times are proving to be a struggle for many, including us, we want you to know we fully intend to continue to address the nutritional needs of all of those who we serve: Low-income people living with chronic illnesses. We are currently looking at ways we can partner with other organizations to help get food into the homes of those needing it most.

As many of you know, this time of year we are usually preparing for our annual Evening Under the Stars fundraising gala. However, with the COVID-19 issues all around us, we don’t know what the future will hold. We cannot yet make the call on whether we will hold the event on May 2nd or not. Because of this our revenue has come to a complete halt and people have – for the moment – stopped purchasing tickets. We get it.

To continue to take care of our clients we need your help. I know that for some of you, like us, your income has dried up almost completely. But if you’re in a position to help, we ask that you please consider making a donation on line today. Simply click the link below and give as much as your circumstances allow. Remember, our clients could be any one of us at some point in our lives.

To all of those who know AAP – Food Samaritans, you know that we have never believed in a hard-core push for donations and have always felt that “if the cause resonates, folks will donate.” Right now, we need you.

This is a very trying time for small grass-roots charities like ours and our survival depends on donations, all of which will be used to only supply food to our community.

On behalf of everyone at AAP, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mark Anton, Executive Director

AAP – Food Samaritans     

In 1991 AAP – Food Samaritans was founded (originally called AIDS Assistance Program) with the goal of helping the most at-risk members of our community – people who are low-income and compromised by health issues – by providing nutritional support to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. In 2015 it expanded its mission to serve others in the greater Palm Springs community who are living with chronic illnesses such as cancer, M.S., and heart or liver diseases. As it expanded its services, it also updated its organization name to AAP – Food Samaritans.

Since its inception, AAP has distributed more than $10 million in direct client service to more than 2,300 clients. Its important to note that these clients get by on an annual income of less than $18,090, and most AAP clients rarely, if ever, make it off of the client list.

“AAP – Food Samaritans could not fulfill our mission without the dedication and support of the incredible people and organizations that support us,” said Mark Anton, CEO/Executive Director of AAP – Food Samaritans. “Without their caring and inspirational leadership, we would not be able to support the nutritional needs of those low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses in our community. We are so very grateful for their unyielding kindness that they exhibit on a daily basis not only for AAP, but for many other organizations across the entire Coachella Valley.”

As of this printing, Evening Under the Stars has yet to be postponed to a later date. Please visit for latest updates and ways to help the organization