By Chef Andre Carthen

Today’s food trends are more inline with a fashion jungle profile. What was hot yesterday, might kill you today. Not so long ago, everyone was pushing ORGANIC. What was supposingly better for you, could kill your bank account. Then came SUPERFOODS and KALE, the new end all, be all. Kale Cesar Salads, kale chips, kale lasagna, kale smoothies, and kale pesto are just a few kale concoctions that were the craze. Fast forward, it’s as if the culinary world was on a mad treasure hunt for finding the most under used, bland, non-discript vegetable we could be found…. Spotlight – ‘CAULIFLOWER’. What was once counted among the left-over sad veggies on the crudités platter, has now become the DIVA of the garden, with celebrities and chefs applauding its versitability and nutritious benefits. I recall surprising guest by substituting mashed garlic cauliflower for mashed garlic potatoes for many a Thanksgiving Dinner, now seem so passé with the introduction of cauliflower rice, cauliflower steaks and get this, cauliflower pizza crust wowing the tastebuds of unsuspecting dinner guest. Today’s trend less subtle, went right for the jugular; Plant-based Proteins! No sneaky introductions it went full-out commercial, the no-meat ‘Whooper’. If you haven’t tasted it yet , you certainly have seen the ads for it and the plant-based breakfast sandwiches. When we think about it, there really should be no surprise, our diets in resent years have been plant focus with gluten, peanuts and sugar being major concerns.

Enter ‘Flour Power’ with flavor profiles ranging from almond, spelt, buckwheat, oat and rice to soy, chickpea, cauliflower and potato. I will admit, the flour profiles can be fun if you enjoy baking and have a whim for trying new flavor combinations.

The sugar/sweeteners trend is and has always been geared toward natural; raw Honey, Stevia, Dates, Coconut Sugar, Monk Sugar, Banana Purée and Yacon Syrup lead the pack.

Other trends are Healthy Food Bowls with a focus on noodles & veggies with a sweet chili flavor profile. Healthy Kid Meals and Eco-friendly Packing.

The old but new hot trend is Intermittent Fasting and DASH diet. Both focus more on eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, good oils and regulating sugar, salt intake and time of day.

My top two trends are Oat Milk and the Classic Cocktails with a new twist craze!

Knowing me, it’s no wonder both are liquid forms LOL. In this fast pace world I’m a sucker for a great protein drink and oat milk offers a delicious nutrition heart healthy base. Maybe not as healthy but certainly as flavorful and more fun!

On the other end of the adult spectrum, today’s classic cocktails are even more plant-based, adding herb infused alcohol blends to their profiles. The major trends are heathy, home and simple and no one gives it style and fashion like Global Kitchen Concepts ki (, leading the way in innovating award winning kitchen and storage design. From self-raising countertops to under-the-counter compartment storage containers, your kitchen should offer healthy storage to match your healthy life-style. A fashion forward functioning kitchen is not a trend, it’s a necessity! For more info please visit, tell them you saw them on Chef Andre’s must haves!