Where Do I Go?
By Chris Astrala


Robert Louis Stevenson once said “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” Whether your reason to move is to experience something new, re-experience something you have loved or to just get away and unwind, you know you want to go somewhere. Be it boat, plane, train, car, horseback, regardless of how you go, you just know you want to go. Where do you start? Some of us use a travel agent, others go to the web. But most of the time we consult with a friend or family member who has visited the spot you are planning on going to. So with that in mind we asked some of our local friends and family the following question: Where is your favorite place to travel to and getaway from it all and why? This what they had to say.


My favorite vacation spot is Mackinac Island between the two peninsulas of Michigan. The Mackinac Bridge spans go two landmasses and to the east is a gem of an island. My favorite spot on the island is the Grand Hotel. It’s where the movie Somewhere In Time was shot and I happened to be there during the filming. Christopher Reeves was dreamy and I had a crush.

Brad Fuhr, E Publisher GayDesertGuide.com


The Palm Springs area is like a continual vacation (especially after growing up in the snow and cold of the Midwest) with gorgeous weather here, palm trees, pools and the resort atmosphere and community. Give me triple digits! However, love to get away to Hawaii-Maui and the beaches and tropical breezes (and look for coconut bra’s and grass skirts!).

Bella da Ball
Social Ambassador, Hostess with the Mostest


My favorite place for a true getaway is the Tahitian island of Moorea. Everyday worries come to an immediate halt with the simple lifestyle, friendly locals, crystal clear waters which are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, plus lush hiking trails in the jungle region of the island. I’m counting the days to our return trip this summer!

Steve Seager, Realtor


Rosarita Mexico; I love the cool air and the ocean weather there with the wonderful plants and flowers. My second favorite thing is coming back across the boarder and watching the checkpoint officer’s face when I still had my male name and gender on my driver’s license. I love the flattery that I had changed so much.

Thomi Clinton
CEO of Transgender Community Coalition


It would have to be France. Though we’re still exploring different parts of the country, over the years we keep gravitating to the Cote d’Azur… Provence, Cannes, Nice… The people are lovely, the food and wine are spectacular, and it’s a nice gentle pace. Park me on a beach on the French Riviera and I’m in heaven.

Tim O’Bayley
C.E.O. & Creative Director
O’Bayley Communications


Puerto Vallarta, After a short flight my partner Albert and I can be on the beach by 3. It is close but far enough away to truly escape. Amazing beaches by day and great restaurants at night…… The perfect spot to unwind and relax.

Willie Rhine
Co-Owner 849 Restaurant


After entertaining on 77 gay cruises worldwide and visiting many ports-of-call, I am most in love with the Hong Kong to Singapore route with stops all through Vietnam and Thailand. I got a $20 massage in almost every port. The shopping, dining and tourism is affordable along the whole route and the people, the culture and the food is so different and wonderful.

Shann Carr
Comedian, Producer, Realtor


The Island of Ibiza, Spain is by far my favorite destination. This idyllic oasis is home to some of the world’s most picturesque beaches and coves and is the Mediterranean playground for Europeans. On one side of the island is the old ancient city filled with unique street artisans, boutique shops and cafes. The new city with its bustling marina is brimming with nightclubs, known for their all night parties and delicious restaurants featuring global cuisine.

Jeff Hocker, President
Hocker Productions


One of the most memorable experiences we had was hiking through the hot and humid Costa Rican jungle. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the tropical plants, various species of animals and of course the friendly locals. We’ll definitely be back!”

Jerry Meza
Account Director/Producer
Reaction Marketing


Our favorite chill get away is Lake Tahoe off-season. Spring or fall, the lake and surrounding trails are almost empty.

Daniel Clemens / Jim Haggerty
Owners – Desert Landscape Design


My favorite place to travel to… Hmmmm. That’s a tough one, as there are so many great places both near and far to explore. But if I had to choose one place, it would be Rio de Janeiro. I have dear friends who live there and have visited five times after our first meeting in 1984. The natural setting of the city is one of the most spectacular on earth, the food is amazing, and the people are beautiful, warm, and friendly.

David A. Lee
David A. Lee Photography


My favorite place to travel to is the high desert. I love Joshua Tree and the energy, light and tranquility that exists there. It’s a different world that is an hour away.

Michael Weems
Owner Michael Weems Collections


Hawaii is my favorite go to place. I attended the University of Hawaii and have many great memories of the islands. I love the community feeling, the beauty that surrounds you and so many peaceful and relaxing beaches. Another bonus is that it’s a short plane ride so you don’t lose a day traveling.

Ron deHarte
President, Palm Springs Pride


Cruises! I love to unpack once and have my hotel float along with me! In the past few years I’ve done both European river cruises and big ships in the Mediterranean and though the experience is quite different, the bottom-line is that cruising offers the biggest bang for your buck. Getaway?…This year it’s our Tahiti cruise in August…powder blue water, white sand, delicious cuisine and cocktails and TOTAL relaxation…a great way to getaway from the searing heat of the desert!

Tony Marchese
Co-Owner Trio Restaurant