Bodyworks Celebrates Ten Years In Palm Springs

Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic recently celebrated ten years of operations and patient care in Palm Springs.

“Having endured the recession and the changing healthcare landscape, Bodyworks’ success proves that our evidence-based practice is sound,” said David Wilson, Founder and Clinical Director of Bodyworks. “It’s gratifying to see that our philosophy of treating patients with the fewest possible visits is meshing nicely with the recent changes to the healthcare system in the United States.”

Wilson was trained in England and has been treating patients for more than thirty years. Upon moving to the desert in 1991, he worked at Eisenhower Medical Center, and later, Desert Regional Medical Center, before setting out on his own to create Bodyworks. His early clinical experience in England’s National Health Service has influenced his treatment methodology, which hasn’t always been in sync with the American healthcare system. “The entire staff here at Bodyworks strives to achieve results in the shortest amount of time, relying on patient compliance and participation.”

Wilson says that his results-based approach is unlike many typical physical therapy clinics, staying away from passive modalities such as hot packs and massage which are little more than spa treatments. Those may feel nice and achieve minor, temporary results, but they do not address the root cause of the problem. Once a patient understands their condition, they can take steps to correct it. This gives them valuable information so that they can heal faster and help prevent further problems in the future. The treatment is active, not passive, and the patient is a fundamental participant in the process of their recovery.

“It’s been very fulfilling work and we’ve helped a lot of people regain their strength to either avoid surgery or recover from serious injuries. I’m very happy with Bodyworks because I can directly control the standard of care and affect real healing, which isn’t always possible in traditional hospital settings.”

“Our biggest caseload is seeing patients who are trying to avoid surgery,” Wilson adds. “With the proper course of care we can effectively treat rotator cuff injuries, low back and neck/disc injuries, and arthritic hips and knees – in many cases avoiding or at least delaying surgical intervention.” Wilson’s interest in back pain, joint care, and sports injuries led him to study with the Cyriax Foundation, a world-renowned organization for the practice of orthopaedic medicine. Wilson is certified by the organization and he chooses therapists and assistants that share his methodology.

Derrick Rayburn, P.T., a therapist with 20 years of experience, has worked at Bodyworks since 2010, and, ironically, completed his clinical training as a student intern under Wilson at Desert Regional Medical Center. Another team member, Jasce Boice, P.T.A., joined the staff in December 2014 shortly after completing her clinical training. After working in a clinic that was not much more than a ‘high volume mill,’ she is now treating patients effectively. Wilson added, “Jasce is following treatment protocols we’ve established here and is eagerly learning Cyriax and Mackenzie treatment methodologies she would normally not have been exposed to.”

In the past ten years, Bodyworks has grown to become well known in the local healthcare landscape. The clinic relies primarily on word-of-mouth recommendations from former patients, and referrals from many local doctors who have trusted Bodyworks with their patients – many of whom have also been patients themselves.

One of the longest-term tenants at the Amado Center, Bodyworks is located at 333 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 114, in Palm Springs. Parking is accessible via Baristo Road opposite the O’Donnell Golf Club. Most insurance plans are accepted. For more information, please call 760/327-4244 or visit


Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert
Presents Still Life: Capturing the Moment

Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, The Galen and the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden introduces the exhibition Still Life: Capturing the Moment, on view from August 7 through February 21, 2016. With a creative mix of art works from the museum’s holdings and on loan from private collections, this exhibition looks beyond the classical definition of a “still life” to explore why this esteemed genre continues to compel artists today.

Throughout time, visual artists have delighted in the excitement of transforming commonplace objects into symbolic encounters with the world and self. Bringing together paintings, sculptures, photographs, and a surprising variety of other media, this exhibition studies the powerful psychological and associational value of altering time, place, and imagery into an artistic still life.

In the early twentieth-century, photographers such as Cy DeCosse, Baron Adolf De Meyer, and Paul Strand focused on capturing the sensual elements of light, texture, and form in everyday life. Today, contemporary photographers including Tom Baril, Michael Childers, and John Dugdale reveal the passion to document, describe, and celebrate material pleasures and possessions.

Many still lifes require meticulous renderings and pure technical virtuosity. In seductive paintings by Bruce Cohen, Helen Lundeberg, and Paul Wonner, these masterful skills are employed to transform the commonplace into visual illusions of imaginative and complex beauty. New media installations by artists such as Jennifer Steinkamp and Catherine Chalmers expand beyond the genre’s conventions to produce alluring contemporary innovations, while artist Ori Gersht creates a mesmerizing film that literally explodes the idea of still life. Taken together, this exhibition offers a refreshing, pleasurable, and often surprising look at the art of still life.

This exhibition is organized by Palm Springs Art Museum and funded by Erik E. and Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation. Contemporary Art Council Silver Sponsors Naomi and Jeffrey Caspe, and Tom Minder provide additional support.

For more information, please visit, or call (760) 346-5600. Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert is located at 72567 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260. Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert is open year-round.


The Roast of James GYPSY Haake

On Saturday August 22 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, be prepared for an unforgettable evening of laughs, music and many fond memories as the community comes together to roast the incomparable James GYPSY Haake.

Gypsy who is the emcee of the popular Carnival Cabaret at Oscar’s has over 60 years in show business, from Broadway to Female Impersonation, to Television and Film. And shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Gypsy was the inspiration for “La Cage Aux Folles,” and started on Broadway as a chorus line dancer, that’s the source of his nickname, as dancers were referred to as gypsies. After running the New York cabaret, Gypsy’s, he moved to L.A. and, through his show biz friendships, wound up with a second career as an actor. He earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his 1984 role as Sasha in Mel Brooks’ “To Be Or Not To Be.” This just a condensed snippet of this prolific performers career.

The evening will be filled with many more stories and surprises plus will also include an unveiling of a bust of Gypsy by renowned artist Claudio D’Agostino. The star-studded celebration starts at 7pm in the Woodstock Ballroom at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. Proceeds for this event go directly to Desert Aids Project. Tickets can be purchased at