Colton Ford
The Way He Is

By Chris Astrala

For most, Colton Ford needs no introduction. As one of the most well known names to come out of gay adult film, Colton Ford starred in several highly successful films over a short span of time, but music has always been his driving force. While other artists find the transition from the adult film industry to the mainstream to be complicated, if not impossible, Colton is one of the few who has successfully been able to do so. On the heels of his critically acclaimed third full-length album, The Way I am, the singer took a bit of a break to speak with The Standard Magazine.

TS: First off, thank you for taking this time to talk to us, let’s get right to it. Many people may not know that before you were a porn star you were a singer and a recording artist, so I guess you can say you have come full circle. What lead to the detour?

CF: Of course! I’ve been in the music/entertainment industry for about 33 years and have always been creating and performing in some way, so that’s just been a constant in my life. The detour happened in tandem with my musical endeavors, and came unexpectedly. I was 39, not signed to a label at the time and felt my major label days were over because of my age, and I was trying to figure out what was next. The opportunity to take a side step came to me through my partner at the time, and the scene was with him so I felt comfortable having the experience (of course, I thought it all through before making the decision). It felt like an adventure that I was having with my partner…and some other people. Lol. At that time I was in adventure mode and it just felt like an extension of that experience. I had been so focused on my career for so many years, sacrificing, enduring the fucking insanity of the music business, that it was fun to just let go and be a little naughty. I got everything out of the experience I needed and after 10 months I stopped and completely focused my attention on new opportunities that were popping up for me in mainstream entertainment. You were referring to my porn experience when asking about “the detour” right? :-)

TS: Yes I was (smile) and speaking of that, has it been difficult to get people to look beyond your experience in porn and focus more on your music?

CF: I understand that there are people out there that have a really hard time with pornography and have strong moral issues with it. They’re entitled to feel that way. I don’t happen to have that issue, and I’m really looking to speak to those people who don’t have that struggle, and can see past that very brief part of my life to what else is going on. People who are more open and understand that we are all multi-faceted and can do many different things. I feel my music stands on it’s own. It’s not a residual of doing porn. And I sincerely appreciate all the people that get it and get me! The funny thing is that when I was doing porn, it felt like an extension of performing/acting. You’re thrown into situations with people you don’t know and you want to make it all feel real so the viewer gets out of it what he (or she) is looking for. Something hot! That’s entertainment.

TS: In your second full-length album, Under The Covers, you covered some great songs. How did you come about choosing the songs?

CF: It was my manager, Bill Coleman’s idea. I had some songs that I wanted to do, and Bill had a bunch that he was feeling, several of which I wasn’t necessarily too familiar with. I was happily pulled into those songs and re-imagining the originals. It was fun, and one of the highlights was receiving an email from Michael Stipe thanking me for covering their song, “Losing My Religion,” and that they were honored. How fucking cool is that?!

TS: That is pretty awesome. You’ve worked with some great artists and producers, who were your favorites and why?

CF: Well every collaboration is a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your abilities. It’s so enjoyable, and sharing in the creative process with others broadens everyone involved I think. I’ve enjoyed most of my collaborations through the years.

TS: What inspires you to make music?

CF: Music. Life. People. Other artists. Music is something I’m just very passionate about. A feeling I believe I came into this life with.

TS: What would your dream musical collaboration be?

CF: Well I really dig Pharrell Williams,, love Babyface!

TS: On August 23 you will be headlining Big Bear Adventure Weekend, have you previously performed at any Bear Events and if so what was your experience?

CF: Nope, unless you include my cousin and me sitting on the front porch of a cabin in big bear every summer in our childhood strumming our guitars and singing, “Proud Mary,” “Country Roads,” and “Leaving on a Jet Plane.”

TS: What can the attendees of Big Bear Adventure look forward to in your performance?

CF: A Big Bear Musical Adventure!

TS: 5 Things The Standard Magazine readers may not know about you are:


1.) I’m half Armenian.

2.) I had a little crush on Bobby Sherman when I was a kid (yeah, I’m dating myself).

3.) Supposedly my great grandmother and Cher’s grandmother were sisters.

4.) I LOVE rollercoasters.

5.) I LOVE anything about the Universe/Space.


TS: And lastly, If you had a crystal ball and could see your future, what would you like to see?

CF: I’d take and break that crystal ball cuz I hate crystal ball questions! More interested in the now. :-))

Thanks again Colton, best of luck in Big Bear and we’ll see you there!!


Click below to hear the new Dany Cohiba Pro Remix of Look My Way. Music video soon to follow.


Colton Ford Concert Saturday August 23

Big Bear Adventure Weekend

Big Bear CA

Aug 20 -24