Tom’s Got Game

By Jacob Gomez

Tom Goss’s sultry new R&B track, “Nerdy Bear,” is an ode to plus-sized gay men who enjoy super heroes and playing video games. The sexy crooner makes moves on the furred nerd in new summer jam

“It would be hard to pinpoint what I love most about nerdy bears,” Tom says from his LA home.  “From my experience, they tend to be gentle and warm. They want to have a good time, they’re easy to get to know and of course, they’re cuddly.  To me, that’s a winning combination.”

The song is a lighthearted jam with a serious message that is authentic to Tom’s dating experience and relays his unique perspective that beauty doesn’t fit a standard mold.  “We’ve all seen the movies where the nerdy girl is hot, but she doesn’t know it,” Tom continues. “She has to take off her glasses and let down her hair for the world to recognize her beauty. I say hell no to all that.   The nerdy bear is already as cute as can be!” 

Tom Goss was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a small city on Lake Michigan, between Chicago and Milwaukee.  Much of his youth was spent focused on his studies and on wrestling.  He didn’t feel much in the way of sexual and emotional desires growing up.  In fact, he didn’t go on his first date until he was 22, while in seminary, training to be a Catholic priest.

That was when Tom realized he did have an appetite for sex; only it wasn’t towards women or even the men that society deemed as handsome.  His attraction was toward large, furry men and nerdy ones to boot.

Tom interviewed a bunch of candidates for the right man to play Nerdy Bear in the music video. He eventually chose Jason Villegas.   “When I saw Jason’s pictures, I knew he was the one. His smile is perfection!”

Tom manages to show off his basketball dribbling skills in the music video and he even pulls off a bit of drag, appearing in several scenes as Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers video game.  “I was happy to wear the dress and tiara,” he laughs.  

“Nerdy Bear” follows the release of Tom Goss’s full-length album, Territories, that included six music videos and his first Spanish-language single.   He promoted the album last winter with a nationwide and European tour.

Since the pandemic, he has spent his time in quarantine working on new material, for him and for other artists. “I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to the community and help other queer artists tell their unique stories,” Tom says, adding optimistically that, “It’s going to be a fun 2020.” Visit