By Ron deHarte

Welcome to Greater Palm Springs Pride!

We are thrilled to kick off this Pride season under the worldwide theme of Millions of Moments of Pride. We will gather in Palm Springs to educate, inspire, and commemorate our diverse community. Together, we honor the past and empower each other to live our authentic, truest selves.

It is in the spirit of solidarity that we celebrate what it means to be a member of this beautiful community, to remember those we have lost, affirm our commitment in the fight for equality, and look toward the future and what it holds for LGBTQ people worldwide.

Our visibility remains our greatest tool to push back against those who oppress us. Greater Palm Springs Pride will create moments of visibility for the LGBTQ community. We invite you to come together in celebration and use the platform that Pride provides to peacefully resist hate, discrimination, intolerance, racism, and bigotry. Join us and raise awareness of key issues important to you, including immigration reform; access to education, insurance, and health care; rights for transgender and gender nonconforming people; rights for incarcerated LGBTQ individuals; and religious discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

We stand with Pride around the world; we give a voice to the power of self-expression, inclusiveness, and love.

With the support of the City of Palm Springs, some of the highlights of this year’s event include a new downtown event zone, entertainment organized on Arenas Road by the Arenas District Merchants Association, two new stages on Palm Canyon Drive, more than 100 performances throughout the weekend, 200 exhibitor booths, and plenty of outdoor food and beverage booths featuring products from festival supporters Budweiser, EFFEN Vodka, DeKuyper, Hornitos, Jim Beam, and Campari.

By going to the parade and festival, you are helping to raise awareness and visibility of the LGBTQ community.

Pride is for everyone. So, whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, a supportive ally, or someone who’s questioning where you fit into the spectrum, you are part of our diverse and vibrant community, and your place is here with us. Millions of Moments of Pride await you!