5th Annual Holiday Gift Guide
By Chris Astrala


Every year we say the same things, “Where has the year gone?” “Is it that time already?” “I have no idea what to get him/her/them.” Well it IS that time again and if you are starting to wonder what to get those certain special people in your life, we might be able to help. The annual Standard Magazine Holiday Gift Guide to the rescue. So fear not my fellow procrastinators we are here to help you find the perfect gift, weather naughty or nice. And don’t forget to get a little something to put under the tree for yourself.


1.Kano Computer

Learning to code doesn’t have to be boring, and the Kano Computer Kit proves it. You can build their own computer and learn to code with art, music, apps, and games. You do need an external monitor of some kind, but it’s a great way to spark interest in technology at any age. www.kano.me


2.Variety is the Spice of Life

Can’t decide which of our amazing gourmet clubs is going to make the perfect gift? With our Variety Club you can mix and match any of our clubs to create a personal gift that’s perfect every time! www.amazingclubs.com


3.Mood Lighting

Create signature scenes in any room at home or in the office with this set of interlocking LED panels, which snap together to form an infinite number of geometric designs. www.uncommongoods.com


4.Global Glass

Celebrate those dearest to you with these elegant 100% recycled glass globes, handmade in Canada by Stephen Kitras and featuring an interior glass trunk that branches out to support vibrant splashes of color.www.uncommongoods.com


5.Bose SoundLink Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You can bring this portable speaker pretty much anywhere. Plus, did we mention it’s water resistant (hello beach!). Experience up to 12-hours of playtime on full-charge thanks to the rechargeable battery. www.bose.com


6.The New Echo Show

Because now Alexa can actually show you how to do things instead of just telling you! Watch your video flash briefings, listen to music or watch videos, enjoy hands free face-to-face calling, hook it up to your home security cameras or monitoring systems and simply ask Alexa to “show you the front door” to see who’s there. It can basically do everything that your first echo could do, but now way more! www.brostrick.com


7.PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer & Cleaner

Thanks to the magic of UV lights, you can now sanitize your phone as much as you want. Say goodbye to gross germs and hopefully anything and everything “flu.” www.refinedguy.com


8.The Ultimate Beard Haircare Pack

All natural facial haircare set, featuring beard oil, whisker wash and mustache wax. Keep it clean and fresh. Also, made in the USA! www.samsnatural.com


9.Canon PowerShot D30 12.1MP Waterproof Digital Camera

Canon’s waterproof digital camera features a depth rating of 82′, is shock-proof to 6.5′ and freeze-proof to 14°F. This camera can be as adventurous as you want to be. www.amazon.com


10.Fitness at Your Fingertips

Say adios to your smart watch and get more stylish with this fitness tracker ring. It’ll not only track your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled, but it’ll also alert you when you have a text/email message and is totally waterproof! www.mymotiv.com


11.Clue, The Golden Girls Edition

The best way to thank you for being a friend. www.usaopoly.com


12.Starry, Starry Night

Now you can ‘technically’ sleep under the stars 365 days a year; with this 8,000 stars home planetarium.



13.Quench Your Thirst in Style

Stay on trend with any of these trendy S’well water bottles that, literally, almost every celebrity has been photographed with. www.swellbottle.com


14.Come Fly Away

Cool retro vintage style weekender bag features artwork for Palm Springs Airlines. www.destinationpsp.com


15.Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower Replica

Celebrate equality in your home or office with the Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower Model Kit inspired by the real-life tower in Venice Beach, California created by Artist Patrick Marston. Model kits are handcrafted and ship seven days after purchase. www.venicepride.org


16.Give it a Rub

Authentic bottles from the popular “I Dream of Jeanie” TV show



17.Get Hitched for the Hoildays

Because all that sparkles just isn’t on on the Christmas tree



18.Dharma Yoga Wheel

Anyone who wants to get more flexible or maintain their mobility needs this yoga wheel. You can keep it at your desk, next to your couch, or in your closet. www.dharmayogawheel.com


19.Fiesta Forged Knife Block Set

A chef is only as good as their tools, and these knives are top of the line.



20.Moondeli Golden Turmeric Powder

Several studies have confirmed turmeric’s health benefits as an anti-inflammatory agent and digestive aid, but it also just makes everything taste better. www.moondeli.com


21.Let The Force Be with You

3D Star Wars R2-D2 Cuff Links



22.A Party in Your Mouth

On its own, your tongue can only distinguish five tastes; it works with the nose, which can distinguish hundreds of smells, to produce flavor. This kit lets you make weird and wonderful flavor combinations by dosing your nose with smells while you eat from the scent-releasing Aromaforks. Your food will never taste the same again. www.uncommongoods.com


23.The Gift of Giving

American families are falling through the cracks. Your gift delivers essentials like brand-new clothing, blankets, personal care items — even toys. And thanks to donations from clothing manufacturers, a gift that would normally help one child will now help eight. www.donate.worldvision.org