Have you been dreaming of indulging in a luxury retreat where you can simply and totally unwind? Have you been searching for a vacation rental where there’s no skimping on extras or amenities?

Have you been struggling to find a Palm Springs vacation home that is really a home?


If so, then Welcome to ModMansions and come on in because you have found the right place for renting Palm Springs Luxury. ModMansions is a unique vacation rental company because we are the owners of all the houses you stay in. My partner and I have purchased, completely renovated, decorated and now rent and manage all of our homes so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation experience here in Palm Springs, California. At ModMansions our goal is not to “just put bodies in beds” like all the other property management companies in town. Rather, we strive to get the right people in the right house so that your vacation expectations can be achieved – and exceeded.

If you’ve ever dealt with a typical rental management company, you know that when issues come up, you call them, and then they call the owners and then the owners call you and…..It seems as if the telephone tag never ends. With ModMansions, you are in direct contact with me, the owner, or my Property Ambassadors avoiding any middleman and allowing us to make fast decisions. We work together seamlessly. Whether your plane is late or if something breaks, rest assured you can reach us 24/7 and we make it work. Quickly! As owners, you deal directly with us for issues, repairs, planning, payments and refunds, information about Palm Springs, things to do in town, and instructions on how your new vacation rental home operates. Again, there is no middleman with ModMansions and we are there for YOU!

And what’s more? You will never have to pay any of the “Service Fees” or credit card “Transaction Fees” that VRBO, HomeAway and Airbnb charge you that will save you literally $100’s of dollars in booking fees. And again, if there are any questions regarding a credit card transaction, you can call us directly and we will handle the matter immediately with our local California bank. You will never be sent to some off-shore phone bank where everyone you speak with has a strange name and there is nothing but noise in the background. Again, with ModMansions, there is no middleman!

So the story of ModMansions is a fun and whimsical story about where the old Hollywood stars would come and play in Palm Springs and the houses they lived in while here. Did you know ModMansions has the former homes of celebrities such as Alan Ladd, (“Shane” and “This Gun For Hire”), actress and pin-up girl Betty Grable, American playwright, Dale Wasserman, (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Man of La Mancha”), American songwriter, composer and music producer Michael Masser, (remember “Touch Me in the Morning” by Diana Ross or “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston?), and Lamont Cranston, (“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows!”). We also have two houses from famed Mid-Century Modern Architects Donald Wexler and Jack Meiselman as well. All of these great homes are steeped in Hollywood history, completely restored, and now available to you to rent through ModMansions. You owe it to yourself to spend a long weekend, or a week, or a month in Palm Springs, playing and living in the luxury homes of the present and the past. And don’t forget; all of these great vacation homes are located in the very best neighborhoods in Palm Springs!

And speaking of Mid-Century Modern … It’s coming! It’s Coming! Palm Springs Modernism Week February 16-26, 2017 is just about here!!!!! Are you ready? ¿Está listo? With more than 250 events for you to choose from, the 12th annual Palm Springs Modernism Week is something you won’t want to miss. Running from February 16-26, 2017, this expanded signature festival highlights midcentury modern architecture and vintage culture as well as art, landscape and interior design. And that’s just the start of what you’ll experience.

One of my favorite events of the week is the Palm Springs Modernism Show and Sale, which runs from February 17-19 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Design movements throughout the 20th century will be represented by 85 premier designers showing and offering selections of furniture, accessories and fine arts.

Another highly anticipated event is the Modernism Week Show House. Unique interiors created by 20 of the country’s most influential designers will be showcased, opening with a red carpet gala on the 18th.

So I hope to see you here in Palm Springs real soon … or in the near future!



Do you have a place to stay? Here is your opportunity to check out ModMansions and see what we have available for rent. ModMansions offers the best Palm Springs Rentals available and all of our properties have been remodeled for today’s traveller. Check out our Palm Springs vacation homes and Palm Springs luxury vacation rentals and give us a call to book your incredible Palm Springs getaway today – (760) 209-4311. ¡También, hablamos español !

Jim Murphy & Hal Keasler, Owners

ModMansions, LLC