4th Annual Gift Guide


Well it’s that time again and if you are starting to wonder what to get those certain special people in your life, we might be able to help. The Standard Magazine Holiday Gift Guide will perhaps give you some ideas with unique and fun items. You will find gifts from the extravagant to the more modest. So fear not my fellow procrastinators we are here to help. So shop away and don’t forget to get a little something to put under the tree for yourself.


Variety of the Month Club

Having a hard time deciding which of our amazing gourmet Gift of the Month Clubs is going to make the perfect gift? With our Variety Club you can mix and match any of our gourmet items to create a personal gift that’s perfect every time! Got a wine and cheese lover on your list? You can send both. Want to spice it up? Try adding a hot sauce or salsa delivery. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Go for chocolate, cookies or dessert. The possibilities are endless! Just choose a shipping schedule and the month to begin delivery. Then create your custom Variety Club by telling us exactly what to ship for each month of your gift membership



Wine and Dine Cruise

Celebrate a special occasion, sweep someone off their feet, take sightseeing up a notch, or simply enjoy the company of family or friends. When it comes to wining and dining in a unique way, these tasty wanders on the water certainly do it right! Step aboard some of the most luxurious dining yachts in the country for unforgettable harbor cruises featuring delicious cuisine, vibrant entertainment, dancing, and gorgeous waterfront scenery.

Lunch, brunch and dinner cruises are the perfect way to put a bit of sparkle in your day. www.cloud9living.com


An Illuminating Surprise

Hidden inside these inconspicuous-looking white pillar candles is a cast iron sculpture that’s only revealed as the wax burns away. While it may be tempting to hold a marathon candle burning session for a more immediate reveal, the candles’ mysterious charm revolves around not being antsy: slowing down to reflect and to savor each moment as the candle burns gradually and the figure, slowly but surely, emerges from its waxy encasement.



Voice Art Work

Voice Art™ Canvas prints is a unique way to create personalized artwork using voices or other sounds. Our new technology enables anyone to become an artist! We can convert any recording into a beautiful masterpiece, designed by you. Our simple and easy order process will guide you through everything. www.voiceartgallery.com


Brew Your Own

The Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery is an all-grain, 1-gallon beer brewing kit. Each kit features a clear 1-gallon glass carboy that lets you peer into the process of fermentation. You’ll watch the beer transform over 3 weeks from raw grain to delicious craft beer.



A little Wine With Your Coffee

For the finale of a great meal, you may be torn between the accompaniment of another glass of wine, or a comforting cup of coffee. But why not have both? These merlot-infused beans make the perfect after-dinner brew. The 100% Arabica beans are aged in oak wine barrels for a unique profile of fresh, red berry flavors and subtle hints of currants and blackberries. For the best flavor, add a small amount of sugar to this medium roast coffee. Caffeinated, but contains no alcohol. Made by John Jenkins in Orange, Virginia. www.uncommongoods.com


High Tech Shave

World traveler + 5 o’clock shadow = tres unprofessional. Who has time to search for outlets and charging cords? Not you- you are an on-the-run, get-it-done, pack light-and-go jetsetter. With all that whirlwind activity, you still want to look suave. The ShaveTech uses USB powered state-of-the-art technology, so that you can charge it anywhere. Plug ShaveTech into any standard USB port and you can charge your electric razor with ease; free of the frustration of finding an unoccupied electrical outlet and packing any bulky adaptors. www.thegrommet.com


Decadence on a Plate

The ballots came in and these cheesecakes were voted as the most savory and delicious flavors of them all. Comprised of our New York, Strawberry Swirl, Turtle, Amaretto, Cherry Almond, Triple Chocolate, Cookies & Crème, and Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake flavors, this rich assortment has something for everyone. www.gourmetgiftbaskets.com


Beads are the World

With this collection of handcrafted bracelets, the whole earth and its history is right at hand to help you express yourself. Each band has a unique combination of colors, charms, beads and decorative knot work, allowing you to find a symbolic meaning in each one. When you wear the twisting, autumn-toned band with its starburst pendant, for example, will you picture the sun and the earth, or intricate wonder of DNA? The bracelets can be mixed and matched, and worn individually or together to suit your look, your mood and your place in the world. www.uncommongoods.com


No Water Please

Round Whiskey Stones 6 Piece Set

The finest whiskeys require the finest tools to properly respect the deep flavors hidden inside each sip. Complement your favorite whiskey with our timeless whiskey stones six piece disc set, and enjoy ice cold spirits dilution and impurity free. Sipping whiskey neat at room temperature can be too harsh for many drinkers, but serving whiskey over ice dilutes the natural flavor and aroma of the drink. www.homewetbar.com


Don’t Fear this Snake

Beautifully produced of fine crystal, this Boa Decanter looks elegant on any bar or sidebar. Its unusual shape helps it aerate wine, while doubling as a sculptural element on any bar cart or table. www.touchofmodern.com


Pass the Salt Please

Bitterman Salt Co. is proud to provide salt to some of the world’s most renowned chefs, bartenders, retailers, and food manufactures. You can find their salts on the tables of at-home cooks, in celebrated restaurant kitchens, and in gourmet food products like Salt & Straw’s Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons ice cream or in charcuterie maker Charlito’s Cocina sausages and salamis. This exclusive line is the perfect way to make your holidays taste delicious. www.bittermansalt.co


Put a Ring on It

In 2013, Bijouxx Jewels began with the intention of bringing luxury to customers through fabulous fine jewelry pieces. From gemstone jewelry in sterling silver to on-trend men’s pieces, they have built a dream virtual jewelry boutique. www.bijouxxjewels.com


Fresher Longer

With the Air Lock Bag Re-sealer, new micro-thermal technology makes resealing plastic bags a snap. Keep food fresher longer with this innovative device that creates an airtight seal to prevent food from going stale without all the clips, clamps, and rubber bands.

The locking feature means the sealing, heating element is safely hidden away, and rechargeable batteries means never having to hunt down fresh ones when you’re in a rush. It’s a sustainable and revolutionary way to keep your food fresh and your cabinets neat. www.freshetech.com


The Next Generation in Phone Calling

For Everyone in Need of a New Phone

An excellent gift option for any family member, Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offer an appealing blend of powerful hardware, exceptional cameras, and stereo speakers, all tucked into a familiar looking, fully waterproof body. www.apple.com


For the Fitness Conscious

The hot new Fitbit Charge 2 is a user-friendly fitness tracker that’s a great gift for any friend or family member. It replaces two devices in the company’s product range — the Charge and the Charge HR. Designed like a larger Alta, the gadget features continuous heart-rate tracking, GPS, handy OLED touchscreen, and swappable wristbands. In addition to tracking health data and delivering smartphone notifications


Cast it Forever

Capture a special moment in time with our stunning Casting Kits. Now you can gift the experience of our world-renowned castings from the comfort of your own home.

The creators and artists behind The Edinburgh Casting Studio design each kit. With every special package comes a full color step-by-step guidebook so you can have fun creating a beautiful casting with ease. www.edinburghcasting.com


Hover Through Live

LYFE is a zero gravity growing system allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants in the air. LYFE consists of a planter that hovers over an oak base via magnetic levitation. Designed to gently rotate during suspension, LYFE nourishes life with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, 365 days a year. With LYFE, we’ve set your plants free. www.kickstarter.com


For the Gamer in you.

The hot new PlayStation 4 Pro delivers 4K gaming (on select titles) without the need of an expensive desktop or laptop computer. A great gift for your favorite gamers with a compatible TV, Sony’s latest gaming console can also stream 4K content from Netflix, as well as upscale non-4K video content. www.amazon.com


Action Sports Enthusiast

The all-new HERO5 Black by GoPro is all but guaranteed to become the hottest action camera in its class, so it is a great gift for action-sports lovers in your life. It’s sleeker, more compact, easier to control, and better connected than its predecessors. www.bhphotovideo.com